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CSI Has a History of Wellness

As a result of strategic planning activities in 1987, wellness emerged as an area of focus and interest to the employees. Resources were committed and a committee chaired by physical education instructor Jan Mittleider. The success of the effort resulted in the institutionalization of this program. (CSI Employee Handbook, September 1992.)

Since the beginning of the Wellness Program at CSI, a variety of quality events have been offered at little or no cost to our employees. Partnerships with other Magic Valley employers has even allowed for the funding of national speakers on wellness-related topics, including professionals in the industry such as Andrew Weil and Bernie Siegel.

The "Wellness Advisory Board" Minutes of October 1991 outlines a typical agenda of annual events for this dedicated team of CSI employees:

  1. Flu vaccinations @ $3 for students and $5 for faculty and staff
  2. Women's breast screenings in during October, Breast Cancer Awareness month
  3. Freedom from Smoking classes
  4. Terminal Fitness - Back to Basics workshops for employees working at computers
  5. Minding the Body, Mending the Mind major wellness event
  6. Save Your Heart Affair in February
  7. The Fitness Challenge - a four-month program
  8. A walking workshop with a walking author, sponsored with Judi's Bookstore
  9. A "Bare Your Biceps" workshop with a Futrex 5000A to measure body fat/muscle
  10. Consideration of a cookbook with recipes from various faculty and staff

Employee participation in wellness programs is voluntary.

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