My Finances

Taking control of your finances creates a sense of empowerment that will reach into every area of your life. The freedom that comes from knowing that you and your family will be provided for regardless of what may come up cannot be expressed in words.

The CSI Wellness Program and HR Office encourage you to take advantage of the many benefits and opportunities for financial health that exist on our campus and in the community. Find a few of those below...

Savings & Retirement Information

Various savings services are available to all CSI employees.

    • Social Security Administration to register or check your own personal statement online. 208-733-6932.
    • Tax deferred savings: See Payroll Manager x6270 or Benefits Coordinator x6206.
    • Payroll direct deposit allows you to divert a portion of your monthly wages to a savings or retirement account without seeing or missing the money. A small amount accumulates quickly over time. Your savings account will provide and umbrella for a rainy day or the funds you need to make a dream come true. Download the form and forward it to the HR Department.

Retirement savings representatives visit our campus twice yearly during faculty fall and spring inservices. You may talk to them any time or schedule your appointment when they are on campus:

Life insurance including accidental death and dismemberment is a fundamental part of each employee's CSI benefits.

    • Basic life insurance in the amount of your annual salary to the nearest $1,000 ($20,000 minimum) is included in your benefits package.
    • Dependent life insurance to $2,000 for a spouse and $1,000 for each child is also included.
    • Supplemental life insurance for the same amount as the basic life is also available for purchase. Please see the Benefits Coordinator.

EAP Legal and Financial services to creat wills, budgets, financial planning, divorce, identy theft protection and recovery. No cost or limited costs associated.

Learn more about your financial benefits on the HR Services & Benefits Website.